While it is hard for us to cherry pick projects from our portfolio to showcase here, we believe a handful of distinct ones would be beneficial to present a scope of our capabilities, and to start a conversation on.


Connected Devices, Audio Streaming, Multicast, Xamarin, Mobile Application, Hardware, P2P, UI/UX

A music streaming platform for businesses. A good example of a connected devices implementation this project consists of dedicated hardware, mobile apps (Android, iPhone) and a web application; audio streaming; reporting and analytical modeling; playlist management, cross application sharing; QoS. Running on .Net framework and RaspberryPi, frontend on Xamarin. UI/UX by our sister company Awesome.

BMW iVentures

CMS, Design, Pixel-Perfect, Agile, Web Application

A web application with a pixel-perfect implementation, driven by a database agnostic content management system.

Ritz Carlton

Xamarin, Mobile Application, UI/UX, Tablet

A tablet oriented kiosk implementation for a hotel chain for marketing purposes.


AI, Machine Learning, Chatbot, .Net Bot Framework, Facebook

A Facebook chatbot implementation for receipe querying & delivery on social media.


Mobile Application, Xamarin, IOS, Android, COPAA, Compliance, SocialMedia, Video, Streaming

A COPAA compliant mobile application & platform geared towards kids.


Mobile Application, Xamarin

A mobile platform with offline caching capabilities for browsing curated art catalogues and art gallery exhibitions.

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Joe Templin, CEO of iCarious, LLC